I have always been a scientist. I graduated from U of T in 2006 with a degree in Biological Chemistry, and then spent 12 years working in pharmaceuticals. When I studied copywriting in 2019, I learned that I have to provide valuable information to my audience to keep them engaged, and to build trust. I naturally thought that meant using data to support what I wrote. In March 2022, I was inspired by the start of spring training to tweet about fantasy baseball. I made predictions on which pitchers to add to your fantasy team, based on their past performances against the batters they would be facing. I chose to tweet about baseball in particular because baseball fans have an enormous appetite for stats and data, and I felt that I could legitimately bring them value every day.

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Spring 2022


Written by Wendell Quan Fun, originally featured on Twitter


So Kluber's start got pushed out to Friday vs. Minnesota. But if you have him, keep him.

2022 Twins' careers vs. Kluber:
Sano - 3/22, 11 K
Correa - 3/20, 10 K
Kepler - 3/16, .500 SLG%
Polanco - 3/15, 3 K
Sanchez - 2/9, 4 K
Buxton - 2/9, 5 K

So, #RaysUp still. #fantasybaseball https://t.co/xxqzI86cq7

— Wendell Quan Fun (@Wendell_QF) April 29, 2022

I might just keep #STLCards' Miles Mikolas on my #fantasybaseball team for the rest of the season. He pitched great tonight:

7.0 innings, 0.71 WHIP, 0.00 ERA(!), 5 K https://t.co/ssNvp5C5mL

— Wendell Quan Fun (@Wendell_QF) April 26, 2022

He didn't hold the Mets to one hit, but Humberto Castellanos still pitched well for the #DBacks (and my #fantasybaseball team) tonight.

5.0 innings
1.00 WHIP
3.60 ERA
5 Ks
69 pitches
53 strikes

Now, let's see if Melancon can get me a save. https://t.co/DHtTB4oXpS

— Wendell Quan Fun (@Wendell_QF) April 24, 2022

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