Humber College, Clinical Research (2008-2009)

  • Studied the management and design of clinical trials
  • Studied the lifecycle of pharmaceutical products and its impact on the business

University of Toronto, Biological Chemistry (2002-2006)

  • Studied the design of pharmaceuticals, in relation to the chemistry of living cells
  • Studied the impact of chemical reactions that occur in our atmosphere and environment

Technological Work

Web Site Design

  • Redesigned departmental SharePoint site, adding Bootstrap to enhance functionality
  • Led and supported migration of Web sites to new platforms
  • Portfolio -

Software Development

  • Performed user acceptance testing for both local and global project teams

In the Pharmaceutical Industry

Business Administrator for Research-related Activities

  • Designed risk-based adverse event reconciliation process for use throughout Janssen Canada
  • Prepared Janssen Canada for audits with respect to the collection of safety information from research-related activities

Drug Safety Specialist

  • Analyzed data to monitor adverse event reporting compliance
  • Coordinated risk management plan for EPREX, ensuring timely antibody testing when required

Medical Information

  • Specialized in medical information inquiries regarding contraceptives
  • Leveraged organic chemistry background where no clinical data was available